underfloor_layout_of_polypipe_for _underfloor_heating

Underfloor heating is fast becoming the most popular form of heating.

In most forms it is inexpensive to install, economical to run, there is no maintenance and above all the heat distribution is total.                                                                                              

Using the latest technology, underfloor heating can be installed almost anywhere - either under the concrete screed in the case of a new build or extension, or within a suspended or floating floor.  It is suitable for almost every floor type including wood, tile and laminate making it ideal for refurbishment projects.

It is invisible in so much as there are no radiators or heaters showing and it frees up more wall space - ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where wall space is especially limited.


Wet Underfloor Heating. Warm water is circulated through a series of pipes laid in the floor at the time of construction. These pipes are of the highest standard and form a continuous loop between two central manifolds. Each room has its own circuit and is individually controlled putting the heat exactly where you want it.

Radiant energy emitted by underfloor heating is partly reflected by each surface and partly absorbed. Where it is absorbed, that surface becomes a secondary emitter. After a while, all surfaces become secondary emitters. Furnishings themselves radiate energy and the room becomes evenly and uniformly warmed. The energy reaches into every corner of the room - no cold spots, no hot ceilings and no cold feet.

Conservatories are an ideal situation for an underfloor heating system since the nature of construction usually leaves very little wall space to install a radiator. Likewise, most conservatories have large glass windows that, even when double glazed, can lead to very cold rooms. Underfloor heating warms the conservatory gradually from beneath making them useable rooms all year round.


  • Even heat distribution
  • Economical to run
  • Relative low cost installation
  • minimal maintenace
  • All year round usage

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